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We introduce young learners to the world of generative AI and prompt engineering, preparing them for the future.

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ai and ml projects for kids to learn chat gpt and generative ai
I thought the book may be too simple for Dylan given that he's 10. As I watched him use ChatGPT, I realized that he's learning prompt engineering! The book made a hard topic much easier for him to understand.
Anthony & Dylan
Software Developer
I'm always looking for fun things for Tyler that will keep his attention. He has so much fun doing these activities with ChatGPT. He's on his screen, but he's learning.
Meghan & Tyler
Project Manager

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These books are designed to help your kids learn all about two of the most well-known AI tools in the market today, using fun, hands on projects to teach them.

ChatGPT Project Bundles

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These ChatGPT Activity Packs have AI projects for kids and students that are perfect as fun activities that they can enjoy while learning all about AI. Kids will be introduced to leading generative AI tools and will learn prompt engineering, all with projects that are designed for both learning and fun!

Simple Projects

From how to open ChatGPT to other simple ChatGPT project ideas, these activities get kids started with using interactive AI tools.

5 Project Activity Pack

Perfect for getting started!
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  • Simple Projects (Ages 7+)

Combo Projects

These AI projects add learning steps for your AI student! These steps add use of a second AI tool for even more fun and learning.

15 Project Activity Pack

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  • Simple Projects (Ages 7+)
  • Combo Projects (Ages 7+)

Complex Projects

These projects offer a little extra challenge with activities that show more advanced use of prompt chaining, all while still being fun.

30 Project Activity Pack

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  • Simple Projects (Ages 7+)
  • Combo Projects (Ages 7+)
  • Complex Projects (Ages 7+)
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